In this article, we will continue to expound on all the common lottery terms from 'D' to 'J'. As you read on and keep learning, be sure to continue on the subsequent sequel articles for all the other terms of the remaining alphabets.


Drawing Format:

The drawing format determines the odds of each wager. It is the number of machines, the field of balls in each machine, and the number of balls drawn from each machine.

Digit Game:

This is a synonym for a numbers game.


This refers to the formal event in which the winning lottery digits are drawn for a specific lottery.


This is the official act of establishing lottery results.

Drawing Results:

This is the outcome of a formal lottery drawing.

Draw Game:

This term is essential because, in several jurisdiction, the term "lottery" consists of raffles and instant games. Draw game is a game of chance in which the winning results are drawn through a randomized procedure.


Exact Order:

This is the opposite of "Any Order". It is a play option in number games that allows the player to select a set of digits equal to the number of digits to be drawn in the game. For the player to win, the digits selected by the player must match the drawing result in the exact order.

Exotic Game:

This is a lottery that does not adopt standard format or set of winning conditions.


Fixed Jackpot:

As the name implies, this kind of jackpot does not increase or decrease in the size. This means that they are not dependent on the amount of tickets that have been bought or the outcomes of the previous drawings.

Fixed Payouts:

This refers to the fixed number and amounts of prizes regardless of the number of sold tickets. Usually, this happens for daily number games like Pick 3 and Pick 4.

Front Pair:

Just like Back Pair, this is a play option in number games where in the player picks two digits and would win when the first two digits in the drawing outcome match the digits the player selected, in the same order.



This commonly refers to a lottery, a drawing or a wager.

Group Play:

This is when a group of game players combine their resources to settle the cost of buying tickets. They also share the winnings together.


Hot Numbers:

This refers to the numbers that are most frequently drawn during a particular time frame.


Instant Game:

This is a lottery in which the results are instantly announced to the player. A good example of an instant game is scratch off tickets.



This refers to the grand prize that can be won in a game.