In this article, we will be continuing our exposition on all the popular lottery terms from 'R' to 'S'. These are common terms that you need to know. It is necessary to make sure you follow up with our subsequent sequel articles for the last part of the terms in the remaining alphabets.


Random Number Generation (RNG):

This refers to a secured programmed system that draws numbers for a lotto-type game in a random manner. It is operated to replace ball draw machines in some specific jurisdictions or a number of specific games.


This refers to the progressive accumulation of a jackpot when drawn numbers are not matched by any ticket that has been sold.


This is a person or vendor who has been authorized to sell lottery tickets. Usually, retailers are empowered to also pay out lottery prizes that are within a specific cash range.


This is a game of chance in which the winner is drawn from all entries through a random process. The difference between raffles and draw games is that a winner will always emerge in raffles. Also, the odds of a particular ticket being drawn is determined by the number of participants.


Secondary Game:

This is an extra feature of the lottery that is excluded from the primary game. It is however available at no charge.

Second Chance Drawing:

Here, non-winning lottery tickets are enabled to win prizes other than those offered in the primary game. In most cases, Second Chance Drawings make use of the entrant's original selection in a drawing that generates a fresh drawing result.

Split Pair:

This is a play alternative that is provided for in number games. Here, the player is expected to pick two digits. For a player to win, the first and last digits in the drawing result must match the digits that have been chosen by the player, in the exact order.


This is a play alternative in number games wherein the player picks a set of digits that is equivalent to the number of digits to be drawn in the game. For a player to emerge as winner, the digits picked by the player must match the drawing result in the exact arrangement.

Second-tier Prize:

This is a lesser value prize that is offered in a lotto or bonus lotto game when the player qualifies easy winning terms. Usually, the prizes that are given out as Second-tier prizes are mostly fixed irrespective of whether the jackpot is increasing or fixed.


This is an official way of buying plenty lottery tickets so as to increase the chances of specific results. Systems are most often applied as part of a pool.


This refers to the numbers that have been selected by a player and indicated on their tickets.