Arizona Lottery Achieves Record Sales and State Impact

Arizona Lottery Achieves Record Sales and State Impact

Phoenix, AZ - In a resounding achievement, the Arizona Lottery has unveiled its extraordinary performance in Fiscal Year 2023, breaking records and making a significant impact on the state. With over $1.5 billion in combined sales from both instant-win and draw games, the Arizona Lottery has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the lives of Arizonans.

Arizona Lottery Sets Records with $1.5 Billion in Sales, $1.03 Billion in Prizes, and $300 Million in State Transfers in FY2023

Record-Breaking Numbers:

$1.5 Billion in Sales: The Arizona Lottery shattered previous records, achieving an astounding $1.5 billion in total sales for FY2023. This remarkable figure reflects the enthusiasm of players and the widespread popularity of lottery games in the state.

$1.03 Billion in Prizes: Winning moments were abundant, with nearly $1.03 billion in prizes awarded to lucky players. These life-changing prizes have brought joy and excitement to countless individuals and families.

$300 Million in State Transfers: The Arizona Lottery's impact extends beyond winnings, as it contributed an impressive $300 million in transfers to vital state agencies and services. These funds play a crucial role in supporting essential programs and initiatives throughout Arizona.

Benefiting Vital Services:

Healthy Arizona: A significant portion of the transfers, $23.9 million, was allocated to "Healthy Arizona" through the Arizona Department of Health Services. This contribution aids low-income Arizona families in maintaining their well-being by ensuring access to nutritious food and health resources.

Arizona Competes Fund: With a commitment to economic growth, $3.5 million was directed to the Arizona Competes Fund via the Arizona Commerce Authority. This fund promotes business expansion, attracting new enterprises to the state while supporting existing ones.

Arizona Department of Economic Security: A substantial portion of the transfers, approximately one-third, was designated for the Arizona Department of Economic Security, with a focus on combatting homelessness. Notably, a portion of this allocation was channeled to the Central Arizona Shelter System (CASS) to address homelessness issues.

Arizona Lottery's Impact:

Alec Esteban Thomson, Executive of the Arizona Lottery, emphasized the profound impact of lottery ticket sales on the state. "The Arizona Lottery, and our entire network of valued retailers, are proud to help provide the resources needed to fund so many services that make our state a great place to live, work, and play," said Thomson. He highlighted how Arizona Lottery sales contribute to programs that support citizens in need, protect wildlife and natural landscapes, provide access to quality education, and stimulate economic growth.

In addition to funding vital state services, Lottery sales generated more than $103 million in retailer commissions across Arizona and paid out nearly $1.03 billion in prizes. These figures not only support critical services but also bolster retailer revenues, strengthening local economies.

The Arizona Lottery's complete lineup of instant and draw games is available at over 3,200 licensed retailers across the state, offering opportunities for residents to participate in these exciting games. To know more about Arizona lottery and the latest winning results visit Lottery Corner

Please note that all data provided is unaudited, and figures may be subject to change as audited numbers are finalized.

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