At the heart of the California Lottery's mission lies a deep commitment to bolstering public education. Since its inception in 1985, the Lottery has been a key player in contributing vital supplementary funding for California's public schools. To date, they have impressively generated over $41.5 billion for this noble cause.

In a groundbreaking achievement, the California Lottery made history in the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year by raising an unprecedented $2.07 billion earmarked for education. It's a remarkable feat, though one that pales in comparison to the comprehensive financial requirements of the state's annual public school budget. It's essential to understand that Lottery funds are designed to complement, not replace, state and local funding for education.

The beauty of Lottery funds is their flexibility, allowing schools to embark on endeavors that would otherwise remain unattainable. This financial support aids in critical areas such as attracting and retaining exceptional educators, acquiring state-of-the-art educational resources, creating enriched learning environments, and ensuring the continued operation of essential programs.

However, it's not just schools that benefit from the California Lottery. Remarkably, 95 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery games circulates back into the community through multiple channels. This includes substantial contributions to public schools and colleges, prize payouts, and compensation for our valued retail partners. This transformative influence on communities across California exemplifies our steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility, a devotion shared by every member of the Lottery team.

The allocation of Lottery funds is a carefully calculated process overseen by the State Controller's Office. The distribution hinges on the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for K-12 schools and community college districts, as well as full-time enrollment for higher education and specialized institutions.

The impact of Lottery funding is palpable across various educational entities, with distribution percentages as follows:

K-12th Grade: 79.9%

Community Colleges: 14.0%

California State University System: 3.7%

University of California: 2.3%

Other Educational Entities: 0.1%

The California Lottery's unwavering support for public education remains a powerful testament to its pivotal role in shaping the future of countless students and communities across the state.

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