Caldwell County Man's Premonition Leads to $500,000 Lottery Win!

Caldwell County Man's Premonition Leads to $500,000 Lottery Win!

In a stroke of serendipity, James Brown of Lenoir, Caldwell County, recently found himself on the receiving end of a fortuitous prediction-turned-reality when his intuition led him to uncover a staggering $500,000 prize from a scratch-off ticket.

Weeks prior to his incredible win, Brown confided in a store clerk, expressing his belief that a significant victory was on the horizon. Little did he know, his prophetic words would soon be validated in the form of a life-changing lottery prize.

Brown's intuition guided him to purchase a $10 Double Diamond Cashword ticket from the Shop And Save on Morganton Boulevard Southwest in Lenoir, a decision that would ultimately alter the course of his fortunes


Upon scratching his ticket, Brown was met with disbelief and elation as he beheld the astonishing $500,000 prize staring back at him. Overwhelmed by the magnitude of his win, Brown couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected turn of events.

Following the necessary state and federal tax withholdings, Brown walked away with a substantial sum of $357,503, a windfall that arrived at a fortuitous moment in his life. With plans to utilize the winnings for home renovations, Brown looks forward to transforming his living space and creating a haven of comfort and luxury.

James Brown's journey from premonition to reality serves as a compelling testament to the power of belief, intuition, and the boundless potential of the lottery. As he embarks on a new chapter filled with promise and possibility, Brown's win stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for lottery enthusiasts everywhere. Join us in celebrating James Brown's extraordinary win and the profound impact of lottery contributions on communities across Caldwell County. As dreams are realized and futures are transformed, let us embrace the spirit of possibility and continue to chase the allure of fortune with unwavering optimism and resolve!
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