Powerball numbers for July8th, 2020; jackpot increases to $79 million

Powerball numbers for July8th, 2020; jackpot increases to $79 million


Date: Wed, Jul 08, 2020

Winning Numbers: 3-10-34-36-62-5-Power Ball


Jackpot: $69 Million


The Powerball jackpot is still growing as the $69 million prize pot was not won on Wednesday, 8 July 2020.

So, Saturday, 11 July, the next drawing. 2020 Time 10:59 PM will have $79 million in jackpot value with a 63 million dollar cash option.

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Previous Winners:

Jul 04, 2020        

Winning Numbers:  16-21-27-60-61-6-Power Ball


Jackpot: $60 Million


Are you sure that your odds are correct?

Most players believe that the odds are 1 in 26 when the Powerball matches to win a win because the number field is 1-26 when the Powerball is drawn.

But keep that in mind….

Powerball alone can match better than 1 in 26, as you can have one or more white balls in addition to Powerball.

Powerball numbers can be deriving from two numbers so that the chances of receiving a prize can compute by combining the possibilities for both numbers for all prize levels. The opportunities to match only Powerball can be calculated by combining the chances to select the Powerball and the luck not to choose one of the five numbers from the first set of drawn numbers.


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