Two lucky Arkansans collected their lotto winnings!

Two lucky Arkansans collected their lotto winnings!

Two fortunate Arkansans claimed lottery prizes recently, Ma C. from Springdale secured a whopping $350,000 top prize on the $20 $350,000 Riches instant game, while Lonzo Ford of Hot Springs Village won a $25,000 prize in the Feb. 21 LOTTO drawing. Discover the stories behind their wins and their plans for the winnings.

Ma C. of Springdale, Arkansas, recently claimed the $350,000 top prize in the $20 $350,000 Riches instant game. Her winning ticket, purchased at Circle K #351 on 2808 W. Huntsville Ave., brought her unexpected joy during her daily lottery ritual. Ma, a fan of scratch-off games, particularly favors $10 and $20 tickets or the occasional $3 game. Opting for tradition, she chose a $20 $350,000 Riches instant ticket during her visit to the gas station.

In a moment of excitement, while scratching off the ticket, Ma discovered that the very first number revealed matched one of the winning numbers listed on the top row. Overwhelmed with disbelief, she shed tears of joy and immediately shared the good news with her husband. This top prize marked a significant leap for Ma, considering her previous wins were $1,000 prizes. With her eyes set on the future, Ma plans to utilize her windfall to purchase a new home. Notably, one top prize still remains for the $350,000 Riches instant game.

In another stroke of luck, Lonzo Ford of Hot Springs Village claimed a $25,000 prize in the Feb. 21 LOTTO drawing. The winning ticket, purchased at Good Spirits on 109 Calella Rd. in Hot Springs, featured the numbers 3, 11, 17, 25, 28, and 31, with the bonus number being 13. Lonzo, a devoted LOTTO enthusiast, purchased the winning ticket at one of his favorite retailers. His winning strategy involves acquiring a ticket with five sets of digits for one drawing, always incorporating his lucky number, 13.

During the process of buying another ticket, Lonzo received the surprise notification that he had won a $25,000 prize. Amazed, he initially thought he might be dreaming. With the prize reflecting his largest win to date, Lonzo plans to invest in a new trailer for his clutter removal business. As the LOTTO jackpot remains unclaimed, it now stands at $1.129 million for the Wednesday, Feb. 28 drawing, marking the second-highest jackpot since the game's launch in 2022.

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