Hurry up no one is claiming Mega Million jackpot you can be the one. Here are the Mega Million Numbers on Fri-July31-2020

Hurry up no one is claiming Mega Million jackpot you can be the one. Here are the Mega Million Numbers on Fri-July31-2020

Mega Millions

Date: Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Winning Numbers: 12-35-46-48-69-23-Mega Ball


Jackpot: $22 Million


The next draw is scheduled to take place in the Tue-Aug4th-2020 .The competition takes place at approximately 11 P.M. EST. The next prize is estimated to be $24 million dollars, and if you win the money you will get $16.3 million dollars if you choose to cash

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Previous Winners:

Date: Jul 28, 2020            

Winning Numbers: 17-20-27-31-34-19-Mega Ball


Jackpot: $20 Million


Why is it so difficult to win this lottery?

People spent more money than on movies or concerts to buy tickets to lotteries. You spend even more on video games than on lots. There's a very low probability of a single ticket winning the lottery, which means it's hard to win.


Anybody twice won the lottery?

Stuart is far from the only lucky man to claim multiple lotteries wins, and CNBC has been reporting repeat winners like a Massachusetts married couple three-time ($3 million in total) between the two.


Is the lottery a waste of money?

Abstract. The lottery is a complete waste of money for most people. You'll get a much higher return when you place all the money you put in or investment into the lottery into a high-performance savings account. Moreover, the lottery ticket you lose will not have to disappoint you. 


How many tickets are needed for the lottery to win?

To ensure your win by purchasing every combination, you have to buy just over 175.223.510 tickets. You'll get better than guaranteeing your win if you buy all the numbers. Several wins are guaranteed because a few tickets have winning numbers less than the jackpot combinations.


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