Delaware's Delight: $140,000 Football Parlay Card Jackpot Hits the Mark in Dover

Delaware's Delight: $140,000 Football Parlay Card Jackpot Hits the Mark in Dover

Dover, DE - In a heartwarming tale of trust in one's instincts, a 55-year-old woman from Cecil County, Maryland, embarked on a fateful visit to Delaware Park in Wilmington, where she decided to take a chance on a $100 Sports Pick Parlay Card. Little did she know that this bold move would transform her day into one she'll cherish forever, as her ticket turned out to be the sole bearer of all 11 correct game picks, crowning her with a staggering prize of $140,000.

Recalling the exhilarating moment of discovery, the woman explained,

I was watching the weather and where the games were going to be played and trusted my instincts. I bet $100 when I usually only do $20.

It seems her intuition was spot on, as her meticulously chosen selections proved to be a winning combination that defied the odds.

Her weekly pilgrimage to Delaware to place Sports Pick bets had, on this particular occasion, reaped an unexpected bonanza. "When I checked my ticket, I held on to my lucky elephant and could not believe what I saw, I started shaking," she recounted, underscoring the sheer disbelief and excitement coursing through her at that very moment. Naturally, she sought validation from Delaware Park, ensuring the legitimacy of her astonishing win.

With the reality of her $140,000 triumph settling in, the woman didn't keep the joyful news to herself for long. She promptly shared her newfound wealth with her fianc?, who must have shared in her elation. When queried about her plans for the winnings, the woman expressed her intention to embark on an act of kindness by donating $5,000 to St. Jude's. The remainder of the prize will serve the noble purpose of settling bills and providing support to her family, a gesture of compassion that embodies the true essence of her character. "I'm very thankful," she humbly added.

The jubilant woman claimed her prize from Lottery Headquarters on September 20, 2023, marking a memorable day in her life's journey.

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