Numbers Powerball: Did you win the $22 million jackpot on wednesday10th,june ,2020

Numbers Powerball: Did you win the $22 million jackpot on wednesday10th,june ,2020

Take your tickets and check your number for your lucky winner to see whether you are lucky. Wisconsin sold a single won Powerball ticket.

After a single ticket won $135 million on June 3, drawing, the Powerball lottery jackpot was reset recently.

Winning lottery numbers here on Wednesday, June 10:

Powerball: 18, Power Play: 5X. 10-33-41-52-53.

The jackpot is an estimated value of $22 million dollars. The lump-sum before taxes would be approximately $16.7 million dollars. If no winner is present, for the next drawing, the top prize will increase.?

In 45 states, Columbia District, the USA, Powerball is held. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

A 2 $ticket offers you the chance to join the Powerball Jackpot Champions Hall one out of 292.2 million.

The drawings will take place at 10:59 p.m. Saturday, Eastern, and Wednesdays. The ticket-buying deadline is 21:45.

Next draw details :

Saturday, 13th, June 2020 is the next Powerball draw scheduled. The draw is held around 10:59 pm EST. The estimated Jackpot for next draw is millions and if you are a winner and choose cash option you will get 15.2 million.

Visit thePowerball Home page for additional details and analysis like Frequency chart, Hot and Cold numbers. You can use this analysis to pick your numbers for the next Powerball game. You can use our Smart Picks generated using the analysis of last drawn results and suggest the best combinations of HOT, Cold, and Overdue numbers.

Previous winners of Powerball game

Jun 06, 2020

1-17-38-68-69-18Power Ball, PowerPlay 2 X

Jackpot: $20 Million

Buy the next Powerball tickets from the comfort of your home by clicking on Buy tickets now? on our Powerball page.

How to play Powerball?

Two numbers are taken from the Powerball winning numbers. Five winning numbers from 1 to 69 have been picked in the first set. These numbers are known as balls of white. The Powerball, called the Red Ball, is chosen by 1-29 numerated balls from the second set. So, players have to choose five numbers for the White Balls from 1 to 69 and the Red Ball number from 1 to 29 to play Powerball. Or Player may have a computer terminal to choose random numbers, also known as Quick Pick.

Powerball ticket costs $2. The Player has an option to select PowerPlay for an extra $1.

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